Be Yourself because everyone else is already taken

~ Oscar Wilde


"Marlee has a passion for teaching and she is very inspiring.  She gave me encouragement in the CIJ course to do my best without any judgment.  She has a very positive attitude and that makes her a great coach and a great teacher!"

Emily S. - CIJ graduate

"I gained so much direction from taking the CIJ course under you! You inspire me and I truly appreciate all your hard work and effort!"

Hannah S. - CIJ gradute

"In taking the CIJ course I was able to see myself grow and the coolest thing was I could actually see all my peers were also growing in the program weekly along with me.  I encourage you to give it a try! It's life changing."

Thierry B. - CIJ graduate


"Marlee & I have shared in our peer coaching practice as part of our CIJ training.  Each time we worked together, Marlee held focus on the issue I felt blocked in and gently, yet persistently directed questions until there was increased clarity. Her perceptions & suggestions are deeply insightful and supportive.  She makes the quest for more clarity fun."

Lesa Sevin - Creative Insight

Journey Instructor



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Creative Clarity for Life Master Coach 

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