Who am I?  I am a motivational speaker, aspiring author and a certified Master Coach of Creative Clarity for Life, a personal development curriculum based on the famed Stanford University Master’s Degree course “Creativity in Business”.  It is my life's creativity to help my students get crystal clear in connecting to the unique talents, gifts and treasures of who they are and what they authentically want to create for their best life!  I empower my students with practical creative insight tools and proven emotional intelligence techniques to discover their next powerful chapter in their lives. I currently leads workshops for adults and teens in the Chattanooga/Cleveland area as well as offering an online curriculum.


In 2020 I am launching programs designed to empower teen girls with intelligent life strategies along with “Wild Heart Wisdom for Women!  A 4 week Insight Journey into the Divine Feminine Archetypes.  

Become the Being you are born to be 

Creative Clarity for life ~Answer the call of your Soul

Be Yourself because everyone else is already taken

~ Oscar Wilde


"Marlee has a passion for teaching and she is very inspiring.  She gave me encouragement in the CIJ course to do my best without any judgment.  She has a very positive attitude and that makes her a great coach and a great teacher!"

Emily S. - CIJ graduate

"Marlee & I have shared in our peer coaching practice as part of our CIJ training.  Each time we worked together, Marlee held focus on the issue I felt blocked in and gently, yet persistently directed questions until there was increased clarity. Her perceptions & suggestions are deeply insightful and supportive.  She makes the quest for more clarity fun."

Lesa Sevin - Creative Insight

Journey Instructor



"In taking the CIJ course I was able to see myself grow and the coolest thing was I could actually see all my peers were also growing in the program weekly along with me.  I encourage you to give it a try! It's life changing."

Thierry B. - CIJ graduate


"I gained so much direction from taking the CIJ course under you! You inspire me and I truly appreciate all your hard work and effort!"

Hannah S. - CIJ gradute

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Creative Clarity for Life Master Coach 

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