Discover your life purpose:  What are you being called to create?

Are you searching for deeper meaning within what you do in the world? 

In this workshop learn to identify what your inspiration is calling you to create.  Valuable insight will lead you to discovering the core qualities that are the essence of You.  Living a life from the core qualities of who you are truly brings fulfillment in all that you do.  Incorporate new beliefs and attitudes with the 3 E’s present in every-day living…

with Ease, great Energy and Enjoymentpresent in all that you do.

Make SHIFT Happen:  Empowering your positive transformation! 

In this workshop learn to evaluate where you are now in the major areas of your life and then design goals and learn techniques to make a shift happen.  Equally important lessons will be taught of how to get out of your own way and what elements can block us from achieving success.  Become your own ally in the creative process of taking your great idea,next big desire or change in life from the inspiration to create it to the illumination of taking it from the invisible to the visible--the foundation of actualizing our goals!

YAK: You always know:  Tune into your Intuition! 

We all have an inner guidance that prompts us when we are at a crossroads of decision.  In this workshop learn how to hear the unique language it speaks.  Tune into your inner wisdom that has always been within you and is a very important element in guiding you.  Learn how to ask the right questions to partner with your intuition for the wisdom you seek. Our intuition needs to be nurtured in order to be a solid source of guidance.

Mastering your money mindset:  Create a new relationship with money! Are you stuck when it comes to money?  Do you avoid dealing with issues around your financial well-being?  In this workshop you will learn simple steps on how to shift your relationship with money.  How we take action, think and what our beliefs are about money have a huge influence on the prosperity we attract and create. Receive tools and insights that will $hift what you think, feel and believe about money – creating a new perspective of worth and value to attract, receive and create prosperity in your life.


Renew Your Life:  Setting Goals for Success

Learn how to take your life to the next level by creating goals and measurable results action plans to create a life that you Love living each day.  Every Success begins with a great idea married to a plan to see it come to fruition!  Discover what blocks you from your success and receive tools to clear the pathway making way for your personal victories!  Shifting Your life from where you are now to where you desire to be! Great ideas + a well defined plan = SUCCESS

Love Your Life:  Reach for Your best – Youth series

A workshop tailored to guide and motivate teen children to participate in the value of self-development by using tools and exercises to teach the benefit of self-expression, setting goals to reach for the best within and discover what can block you from achieving your goals -- Receive tools to clear the pathway making way for your personal success.  Here you will learn the wisdom of navigating your own personal journey in life – a very valuable asset that will offer you a platform for success and personal empowerment!   

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