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Navigating the Unknown. 5 ways to restore balance creating the "new" normal in uncertain times.

In the midst of uncertainty, we can tap into our resource of creative clarity and become the master of the unknown. As every person who has ever navigated anything for the first time, they navigated it in the unknown. The realm of the unknown has always been present in our lives. It is the source where every new idea is birthed, every new endeavor first learned and the crossroad where our enthusiastic intelligence meets up with our skill-set to thrive in our creative life.

In these present times, many of us have been stripped of our routines which afforded us a sense of security. At this crossroad where change has entered in, our wisest self is prompting for us to find confidence in our abilities and use our resources of wisdom, creative thinking and perseverance to restore and maintain our well-being.

Here are 5 ways you can begin to create a new platform for your life to flow in ease, great energy and empowerment.

Build a new routine. Normal schedules have changed for the moment if you are among those who are at home temporarily isolated from work or school. Adapt to the shift and create a new routine utilizing time management tools. Plan your day by getting up at the same time, scheduling hours for times of engaging in activities of learning or work-related tasks. Bring in balance to your schedule by including physical movement and getting outdoors. This can also be a time where you put your attention on creating a list of endeavors you have been putting off: investing in a self-care plan, organizing your lifestyle and home space, or taking a free online class learning a new skill, as there are a multitude of resources currently being offered.

Become the observer to your thoughts of fear and uncertainty. There is a reason fear is defined as “Fantasized Experience Appearing Real”. If fear of the unknown is consuming your thought life, take a step back and begin to question its validity. If we were to check into our present moment reality and ask, “Am I okay right now?”, we would likely answer yes. If we are in need of solution to an issue in front of us that we have to deal with, the most productive way to respond is to do it from a place of clarity and truth where our solutions are available from our clearest mind.

Practice the tools of meditation and journaling to create a sound mindset. Taking time to quiet the mind from the roughly 70,000 thoughts we have per day is a necessity. Meditation creates a positive foundation and anchors you to states of calm, peace and your inner wisdom. It is in these moments of stillness that we have access to the clarity supporting our ability to direct our choices and decisions from our intellect. Putting pen to paper and writing in a journal is also another way to get the persistent thoughts you may be having out of your head and onto the page. This vantage point offers clarity and insight to witness our possible lack of understanding.

Welcome the unknown. As I have pointed out, the unknown is always apart of our lives. It’s the starting point of everything new. Letting go of expectations of “how will it all work out” and taking each day as it unfolds creates a bond of trust within yourself. Anchored in trust we can have the confidence things are working out, solutions are on the way and there is much we can do to support ourselves and the ones we love through this time where resolve will be available to us to thrive once again.

Give yourself permission to flow at your own pace. We are in the process of learning something new and that takes time. Having an expectation to know all of the answers and have all of the new ways memorized is putting too much pressure on yourself. Take it all at your own pace. Some days you will get a few things done and feel okay. Other days you will accomplish a mountain of things and feel very productive and in high spirits. Go with the ebb and flow that change brings.

Wishing you all a collective well-being and success in navigating the new times we are in.

~Marlee Elaine


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