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February 4, 2016


It is in our DNA to create!  Just as you have to eat and drink to sustain your life… you are drawn to create!  There is an infinity of creative self-expression essentially though it comes down to who you are in the world.  What do you do in the world as a career/life work?  What kind of loving partner are you?  How do you show up in the lives of your children as their parent?  Do you cultivate healthy friendships? Are you an honorable brother, sister or child? What is your investment in your health, prosperity and spirituality?  All of these components make up the mosaic of our self-expression as we walk our own personal journey in our moment of space and time to be here.


Did you know that we can actually get in our own way of our self-expression?  The very essence that makes us thrive as a person can get blocked – jammed up – cut off and before we know it, we feel like giving up on who we are striving to be.  Before you give up, allow me to shine the light on what can get in the way of our creative expression and what you can do to dissolve the blocks and move forward into standing in the present moment as the powerful creator that you are!  Fear is the number one culprit in stopping our creativity!  Fear of the unknown, fear of failing, fear of not doing a great job the first time around, fear of looking stupid, fear of what other people will say when they hear our ideas, fear of standing by our virtues, values and beliefs, fear of taking a risk and putting ourselves out there…and on and on 


Fear is a pretty big opponent when it comes to destroying our dreams and desires! But you know what fear stands for? Fantasized Experience Appearing Real … We are in the future moments of our life already playing out our failure and it isn’t even based on anything that is real! The next time fear stops you from your creative expression – take a step back – be an observer to the thought or feeling -- use your voice of wisdom and ask yourself … is this real here and now? Where did I hear that criticism before? Where or who did I learn that limiting belief from?  Asking questions is very powerful in dissolving the phantoms of fear that seek to stop us in our tracks and keep us stuck in not moving forward.  Get bold and speak the truth in the moment!  Use positive affirmations that support you – statements that declare what you would like to create!   You have a choice… you can put your energy of thought and feeling into the fear or you can boldly direct your energy toward the positive outcome showing up because of your choice to believe in it!  Choose wisely ;-)

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