Every moment is a place to begin again...

April 26, 2016


So … you fell down… get back up!  You lost your way… search for it again!  Overwhelm came in and sidetracked you… pause & re-evaluate!  Get back on track!  We literally get a new opportunity every 24 hours… to… work from a clean slate.  Do you know yesterday's challenges do not naturally come in with the essence of today?  It is a choice to choose to invest the joy-creativity-love-well being from the yesterdays into our wealth of living a life that we love on a daily basis.  It is a rhythm of positive choices and nurturing attitudes that cultivate a momentum of living your life on purpose!  Life isn’t perfect though – and you are going to get knocked down – maybe the character within you challenged – distractions – fears – beliefs pull you in another direction… it isn’t a question of “if” but a question of “when” “it will happen” .  You are stronger than you know… resilient and wise … filled with reserves of tenacity and courage … “Get back in the game!”  Maybe one small step at a time – one shifting decision that leads to another – one positive thought – one kind word to yourself – one loving action you take – one creative expression you bring forth!  It only takes one… right after the other… to make a forward motion that leads you to a rhythm that cultivates a momentum of living a life You Love! 

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