Inspire to be the miracle

June 21, 2016

Are you allowing space for the miracle to come in?  If you have it blocked with your limitations of negative thoughts, fears, lack of faith and worries then your miracle is waiting on the other side of a chained up – bolted down shut door.  You keep calling out to your miracle saying come here... I need you... I want you to come into my life please and make things better – help me get motivated – bring me some hope – shift my bad to good... but HEY YOU!!!!  You have the stupid door locked – the pathway in order to enter in completely blocked – and your miracle is waiting patiently on the other side for you to get a clue!  So here is the CLUE … we are meant to transform – we are meant to use our own personal power of positive thought, creative decision making, bold perseverance and fierce courage to turn our present experience, which, by the way, we had a hand in creating -- Into the best experience of our life that we could ever imagine for ourselves.  We really should get out of our own way!!  We don’t have to stay stuck doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result... that = the definition of insanity dontcha know!!!  We can SHIFT it – we can ALCHEMIZE it into gold – Do you know that Alchemy means: “a power or process of transforming something common into something SPECIAL, an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting, a changing of ordinary metals into gold.”  My logical mind wants to make complete sense of the “how”.  It wants to pick apart the process until I fully understand how it is all supposed to work out but guess what… that is why they call it a “mysterious transformation” because it is a “mystery”.  So I have vowed to trust in the "MAGIC and the MIRACLES" part of the process of creating and do my part to rise to the challenge of my personal brilliant contribution and allow the divine co-creating partnership I have always had access to, to show up and do it's part in the creation. Unattached to the outcome… I am the painter with a blank canvas and the inspiration to create a masterpiece! 


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