Turn the impossible to the possible

October 12, 2016

When we make plans – set goals – and reach for the shift or change we desire … we are taking steps in the direction of turning the impossible to the possible.  How many times have you wanted a better and better experience to come into your life but you knew a very important piece to the actuality of it coming forth would need your input. Some kind of forward movement on your part.  Yes!  That is what it takes to ignite your BIG Dreams – the better and better experiences of life that we continuously reach for!  It is all about becoming clear on what is it that we really want to create.  Is it a better health reality in our life?  Is it a great idea that you’ve had for a while?  Is it deeper & more meaningful relationships, a change in where you live or how you live? 


Every rocket of desire gets launched and then there is the business of instructing ourselves to make a plan, set a goal, define the What, the How and the By When this is all going to come into our real experience of “here and now”.  A tool you can bring in is to journal about what it is you truly want.  Break out of the box of what you know – what feels comfortable and take the step into the unknown places where you create bold new things and you tap into yet another level of your creativity.  Its raw power – an original idea – waiting to be born. 


When we get honest enough with ourselves to encourage the connection of what our core beliefs are and what we desire to do in the world – we tap into the true essence of who we are.  Imagine it real!  Imagine the love affair of what you believe in to be true and what you do in the world = Power Full Flow of Creativity = Unstoppable Essence of You = Unlimited Ceiling   Tune into your truth as it is what anchors you! Cultivate Clarity by holding an inquiry of what it is you really want – followed by a plan of accountability – being mindful to stay anchored in your truth and you shall see the impossible become the possible. 

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