Reflection - Celebration - Creation... Traveling the Journey of 2017

January 1, 2017


The completion of 2016 marks a time for Reflection and Review -  What are you grateful for in the year of 2016?  What positive moments deserve your celebration? What moments do you need to learn from and then let go of in peace? Lesson learned - moving on! What times did you triumph? You knew it because you felt yourself take that brave step into the unknown and you celebrated victory!  What times did you fail? You know, those moments where you reached for something but you didn’t quite accomplish what you set out to.  Where did you honor your life's purpose and meaning? Those times when you were tuned in, tapped in and turned on to the essence of your deepest desires.


Creation and Creativity - In this present moment and all-through-out the year of 2017,  I wish for you a multitude of moments where you are celebrating being truly present in the here and the now – It is the only place to be when you want to foster the power to create a Life you Love.  I gift to you the New Year’s resolve to learn to Love yourself more and criticize yourself less. Become your own champion! I bestow an abundance of blessings in moments where you are owning your powerful talent of creativity, as we are ALL creators of our life unfolding! I want you to make less and less apologies for not living your life from a place of pleasing everyone else.  Claim your divine right to exercise the permission to own the valuable essence of YOU.  Because… You Are the ONLY YOU there will ever be… your gifts and your talents belong to you -- they are the unique imprint of You being You... Share with the world the greatest version of YOU !  No-one else is meant to do it for you… so take the Bold and Brave step into the unknown a little more this year and Shine your unique essence of Light in the World.


CELEBRATE the truth that arrives for you in 2017!  Celebrate the moments in which you CREATE your Inspirations from a place of Divine Inspiration --  Inspiration translated is IN SPIRIT and it is when we are most connected to our personal divine essence that our creativity is powerfully aligned with our life’s purpose and vision.  Boldly live more moments where you are taking more risks for your desires to emerge and letting go of the fear that blocks you and maybe sometimes, if you have to, doing it afraid!!  Fearlessness is not the absence of fear but the presence of bravery.   Most importantly, Celebrate moments where you are in deepest Gratitude -- as being grateful for your life is the radiant light of our soul.   HAPPIEST NEW YEAR CELEBRATING A LIFE YOU LOVE! -- May you have all that you desire to envision and create in 2017!  Make this your Stellar year “Here and Now” xxoo


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