Creative Clarity Master Classes Jan - Dec 2019

Are you ready to create the kind of life where you can honestly declare "I love my Life!" 

The kind of life where you are thriving in all areas of your life!  A life where You make daily investments into

creating a healthy mind~body~spiritual lifestyle!  A life where you master a flow of creating an abundance of money! 

A life where you nurture heart-minded connections in your relationships with others and especially Yourself!

A life where you create a deep connection to the wisdom of your creative purpose! 

I am here to inspire you that this is ALL possible and  I am on a mission to lead empowering classes that will ignite your motivation and inspire your truest vision of your best life!  You can make it happen this year! What ever it is that you have been longing for -- honor the calling of your heart and soul. 

Join me on a creative journey to reach for the best within you!

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Breaking Barriers:  Overcoming Fear & Procrastination 

at The Chattery  Sep 7th  12noon - 2:00pm

or Online Webinar  Sep 10th  7:00pm - 9:00pm

I know so many people whose dreams and desires are so close that they can almost reach out and touch them...yet they put off the valuable steps that can easily get them there.  How many times have you caught yourself saying…

“Oh, I will begin… tomorrow, next week, next month, when I have the time, when the kids are grown, when I have more money…

OR “I can’t do that… I’m not experienced enough, smart enough, able enough, what will people think, what if I fail?????

Why do we do this?

Procrastination and Fear! Aka the postponing of any investment or action step towards our desire because of the unknown.  Let’s face it, we can get pretty crafty when it comes to avoiding taking the necessary actions steps in the direction of bringing our desires into authentic existence.

But what is under the beliefs and mindsets that block our success moments?

Fear… of the risk  Fear… of failing  Fear… of the unknown outcome

Self-Doubt and a neglected sense of worthiness.

Lack of a Bulletproof Plan and resilient time management skills.

You get it...the list can go on and on.  We may believe all of this procrastination is keeping us from the possibility of failure but in truth it is actually keeping us from our success.

We are all in some way, shape, or form, procrastinators at times in our lives!!

What matters the most in those times is, “THE What” you do next to Break through the Barriers

of what is standing in your way of going from where you are to where you want to be!!!

In this empowering Master Class you will learn how to:

Identify the ways in which you are procrastinating… are you Stuck, Spun or Stalled in your action steps? 

Engage in tools of creative insight and experiential exercises formulated to awaken your emotional intelligence.  Choose a new point of attraction. What you are thinking, feeling and believing is either supporting you or blocking you from what it is you want to achieve.

Cultivate intelligent solutions about how to overcome fears and barriers, even the ones you may not know exist because they have been hidden from your conscious view.


Discover how to create and actively follow a Measurable Results Action Plan guaranteed to inspire and motivate you into  making your dreams and desires a reality!


Are you ready to STOP procrastinating and live your Life on Purpose?  If not now, when?

Ignite the fire of your creative desires! Build the bridges to your happiness and joy!  

This is what Living a Life on Purpose is all about!!

I invite you to join me in this empowering master class on how to overcome the self-sabotaging behaviors

that are keeping you stuck in life.

Go from where you are to where you want to be by saying YES to your creative inspirations.  

at The Chattery Sep 7th    12-2pm

Online Webinar Sep 10th  7-9pm

Goals: Finish 2019 Strong

at the Chattery Sep 25th 12 noon - 2:00pm and

October 5th 10:00am - 12 noon

We are in the home stretch of this extraordinary year of 2019 and the question that is tapping on our life for attention is... “Where are you in your progress to do what you declared as your goals for this year?”  

Living a fulfilled life is made up of moments where we invest in our personal growth in the areas of our Health, Wealth, Relationships and Creative Purpose. 

The one thing I am getting really present to after working with clients who fail to reach their success moments is that so many people are feeling stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled.

The #1 reason for this is a lack of clarity and a strong mindset for success. 

This is where we must begin if you are going to actually break free from your cycle of failing to take your life to the next level.  In this master class we will do an inquiry of insight for clarity of where you are in the progress of your goals.


I will share success strategy tools and experiential exercises that will support you in creating the momentum to complete the remaining distance toward your desired success results!

Because the name of the game of living a life fulfilled is “Play BIG or go home”  you will learn to formulate a solid success strategy so that you can achieve the realization of your personal success!


In this Master Class you will learn to: 

1. Get crystal clear on where you are now in your creative process of your goal. 

2. Get crystal clear about what is your purpose and vision on what the end-result will look like once you arrive.

3. Discover the main barriers for why we fail at achieving our greatest intentions and the tools we can use to overcome our personal blocks.

4. Define an accountable action plan using the “How” and the “By when” measure of your goal.

5.  Put your goals into action by using a mind mapping tool to define with clarity a well-executed action step plan.


Do you really want to have the success of achieving the declarations you set for yourself this year?

Begin today by getting back on track and learn what action steps are essential to propel you to the finish line of Celebrating your SUCCESS!!!!

Strategize, Initiate, Follow-through and create your momentum to cross the finish line of 2019 with Success!

Are you ready to create your “game-plan” to finish 2019 Strong!

Say YES! to your desires and join me in closing the gap between where you are right now in your progress to where you want to be when you are standing in your yearly review of your personal growth on December 31st, 2019. 

September 25th  12noon - 2:00pm Luncheon

October 5th  10:00am - 12noon

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