Creative Clarity Master Classes Jan - Dec 2020

Become the Being you are born to be ! 

Are you ready to create the kind of life where you can honestly declare "I love my Life!" 

The kind of life where you are thriving in all areas of your life!  A life where You make daily investments into

creating a healthy mind~body~spiritual lifestyle!  A life where you master a flow of creating an abundance of money! 

A life where you nurture heart-centered connections in your relationships with others and especially Yourself!

A life where you create a deep connection to the wisdom of your creative purpose! 

I am here to inspire you that this is ALL possible and  I am on a mission to lead empowering classes that will ignite your motivation and inspire your truest vision of your best life!  You can make it happen this year! What ever it is that you have been longing for -- honor the calling of your heart and soul. 

Join me on a creative journey to reach for the best within you!

~empowering tools  ~inspiration ~motivation ~accountability ~clarity ~goals ~vision ~purpose~  

 ~ Master your Mindset ~ 

Tools to invoke Clarity & Emotional Intelligence 

Did you know, there is a life cycle to your thought-life? This cycle has a hand in creating our emotional intelligence energy which proceeds to shape our beliefs and form our mindsets.   First you think, then you Feel and then you Believe.  It’s the formula that influences every choice we make, every conscious manifestation and every step of action we take as we move through our lives. 

Think about it this way, our thoughts are the language of the mind and our feelings are the language of the body.  The two are always working in partnership with each other to create our present reality called life as we know it. 

That is why what you think, say, feel and believe are the most important and influential components to creating a life you love.

In this workshop you will learn how to master your thought life and begin to formulate your new positive point of attraction by engaging in Creative Art activities partnered with Clarity for a new mindset.    

In this Creative Clarity for Life Master Class you will:

~ Learn the cycle of our thought life and how we create the energy which is creating our reality.

~ Identify the origins of our negative belief systems and use tools and experiential exercises to create a shift to a new positive belief system.

~ Shift your mindset by implementing a “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” creative clarity exercise.

~ Shift your energy by designing a “Focus Wheel” creative art project.

~ Explore Emotional Intelligence Tools designed to connect ourselves to the high energy feelings which are the language of our body.

 ~ Learn what your Voice of Wisdom wants you to know through a creative art activity of bringing her to life in a portrait of your wisest self.  *note* instructions will be emailed providing the details on what to have on hand to the activity

Nurture the being you are born to be by designing the Life you Love to be in!

Click on the link below to get Ready to be the master of your Mind 

Creative Insight for Life 8 week Teen Journey

Classes are held on Mondays, beginning June 8th - July 27th 

in an Online forum from 10:00am to 12noon

A powerful course created for kids and teens where they are able to discover their unique talents learn valuable tools and self-empowerment techniques that prepares them for success at school and in life.



The CIJourney is an awe-inspiring course focusing on mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Based upon methodology first taught at Stanford University’s famed Creativity in Business Course (CIB), the 8 week program is designed to take kids and teens on a profound journey into unearthing their creativity, tapping into their purpose, and thereby activating their full potential. Using practical tools and techniques the Creative Insight Journey will empower kids and teens to step into their authentic true selves.




This 8-week course is designed to provide students with a competitive edge by helping to foster and develop the powerful creative potential within them. Specific benefits and outcomes often include the following:


  • Generates new ideas for life purpose and creative passions.


  • Creates a new relationship with organization for dealing with time management and stress.


  • Inspires innovative problem-solving and consistent breakthrough thinking to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

  • Improves communication skills that breeds self-confidence when standing up to peer pressure/bullying, and provides new access to better communicate with family and friends.


  • Provides mindfulness Tools to cultivate focus and attention for better results in academics.


Each student will come away with a deeper knowing about who they are, practical approaches for creating what they want, and the skills to move on to high school, then college, and into life with motivation, direction, and self-reliance.



The first 4 weeks are spent on building a foundation in essential tools for creativity:


• Week 1: Faith in Your Own Creativity – Cultivating Creativity

• Week 2: Absence of Judgment (Anti Bully work) Cultivating Confidence

• Week 3: Mindfulness – Cultivating Focus and Attention

• Week 4: Powerful Questions – Cultivating Intuition



The next 4 weeks are spent on going more deeply into the tools as students apply them to four general school/life challenges:


• Week 5: Purpose and Vision – Cultivating Gifts and Talents

• Week 6: Time Management – Cultivating Organization

• Week 7: Relationships – Cultivating Compassion

• Week 8: Bringing Your Creativity and Vision into the world- Cultivating Courage


In addition to the specific weekly topics, the program is organized around 2 themes:


1. Discovering yourself, your creative resources and your highest potential

2. Applying the creativity and mindfulness lessons to make significant progress in both academics, sports, and in life.

Click on the link below to register for the 8 Week

Creative Insight for Life Teen Journey 

On the horizon in 2020


Wild Heart Woman!

Celebrate your Worth 8 week journey


Girl Power! Intelligent Life Strategies for teens

Creative Insight for Life 8 week teen journey

Creative Clarity for Life 8 week journey for women


Writing on the Blue-print of your Child's Self Worth


Ready! Set! Goals! for Success in School ~ teen workshop 


Release of "Celebrate Magnificent YOU!"

a children's book inspiring self-love

Life is mastering the art of 

becoming who you are born to be! 

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