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Wild Heart Creatives ~ Happiest New Year's Eve

~ a ritual for the Eve of the New Year ~

~ Make space ~ Create the room ~ Clear out the old ~ Make way for the new ~

~ Invite the expansion of possibility ~ Dance in the land of Opportunity ~

Happiest New Year's Eve!

What can you clean up today in your physical space to create a place for the desires you have to have a place to land ~ to be invited and nurtured ~ to dwell and grow

Invest time today to take care of old business -- clutter that has accumulated -- a task that has been ignored -- a communication that has been put off -- a broken "thing" that needs repair

What-ever it may be -- give your time and attention to accomplishing it and let it be complete

some ideas are... *cleaning out a catch-all drawer *deleting all those emails and unsubscribing to what you don't even read *cleaning up your vehicle *getting all of the laundry done & put-away *clearing the space on your desk *making that phone call you've been putting off and if you are feeling energetic you could expand to a big kahuna project of your choice

~say your goodbyes to the old and make way for the new~

all my wild heart love

Become the being you are born to be #CreativeClarityforLife #HappiestNewYearsEve #CreateSpacefortheNew ~Marlee Elaine


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